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Tyndale Biscoe School is an 'all boys school' in Jammu and Kashmir, India, in the heart of the summer capital Srinagar. The school was founded in 1880 and is the oldest school in Srinagar. The school was started by Christian missionaries and was named after Canon Cecil Tyndale-Biscoe (1863–1949). It still has affiliations with the Church Mission Society.

In the late-nineteenth century, Kashmir was a princely state and part of the British India, the Maharaja encouraged foreign experts to help in the development of the state. Tyndale-Biscoe aimed to use his own Christian values and western civic ideals to improve Kashmiri society.

Tyndale-Biscoe's educational philosophy valued the acquisition of more profound attributes and abilities than conspicuous intellect, or 'cleverness'. His schooling placed emphasis on physical activities — boxing, boating, football — which would stimulate senses of courage, masculinity and physical fitness. The pupils engaged in civic duties, such as street-cleaning, and in helping deal with flooding and cholera. Two people who contributed significantly to the further development of the school were the late Eric Tyndale-Biscoe (the son of Canon) and Pandit Niranjan Nath Fotadar the Headmaster in the 1940s.

The opening of the school in Srinagar heralded the dawn of a new era in the annals of Srinagar. Times changed, so that when Canon C.E Tyndale Biscoe joined the school in 1891, there were 250 pupils on the school roll. As the Mission school expanded through enlarge enrollment, the Primary school grew into a Middle school and eventually into a High School. The High School was designated the Hadow Memorial School after the name of its honorary Treasurer for 40 years. This institution since its inception in 1880 under Rev. Knowles has been throughout, prompting the cause of education in Kashmir. From 1893, Tyndale Biscoe undertook various social service programmes and accomplished a great deal. It may be true that social service formed a part of the Mission school, but there can be no gain in saying the fact that the character of the boys was ennobled and they realized that "their Kashmir" was tradition- ridden and needed lifting. Biscoe did not indulge in exaggeration when he said that the products of his school learnt to be sorry for those in trouble. They could now differentiate between their school spirit and spirit of the city. It now dawned upon them that ignorance, superstition and stupid customs had dampened their noble spirit. These boys must have realized that Srinagar was far behind the rest of the world.Thus, they set themselves to the task of changing the society.

Principals are involved in every aspect of their school's operation.Most of the principals of Tyndale Biscoe saw themselves as facilitators of learning and teaching. Besides advocating for what was best for children, they always supported the professional development of their staff.Various principals who served the institution were:

1. Rev.J. Hilton Knowles (1876–1880)
2. Rev. F.E. Lucey (1922,Furlough)
3. Rev. C.E. Tyndale Biscoe (1890–1940)
4. Rev. KWS Jardine (1940–1945)
5. Dr. Phil Edmonds (1946–1955)
6. Rev. A. Spur (1955–1956)
7. Rev. Victor Kenneth Jhonson (1956–1959)
8. Muriel.P. Mallinson (1959–1960)
9. Eric.D. Tyndale Biscoe (1960-1962 & 1968)
10. Jhon Mead Ray (1962–1986)
11. Parvez Samuel Kaul (1986- Till Date)

Present location and school today
Situated in the heart of the Civil lines area of the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar, the school has a garden like presence in the busy Lal Chowk. Its approx. 84 kanals of area covered with hundreds of trees, shrubs, and flowers, the school is a proud owner of mighty Chinar trees (over 300 years old) and students love to stretch a minute or two to enjoy their dense shade in the summer months. Adequate playing field area provides recreation facilities in football, hockey, volleyball, basketball, swimming etc. In addition to a gymnasium and a multiplex, there are a number of special learning activity rooms such as libraries, language rooms, hobby rooms, halls and laboratories to teach students science and computers.

Social Impact
Most of the people in Kashmir blame Cristian Missionary Schools like Tyndale Biscoe School, Burn Hall School and others for the Involvement in most conversion cases. These Missionary Schools besides imparting better education to the students in Kashmir Valley are financially supported by Cristian Priests for taking active part in Religion Conversions from Muslim to Cristian as told by a boy to the local Newspaper GK, As he has seen and heard it and also uploaded a video on Youtube. Most Students in these schools are also committed to social evils.

The school motto and Crest
The Motto of the school is "In All Things Be Men". The Crest of Tyndale Biscoe School embodies a ideal of manhood- a man who is both strong and kind hearted, humble and unselfish.The paddles represent sturdy hard work and bodily strength and health. Their heart shaped blades indicate the gentleness that tempers brute strength. The lowly calling of the boatmen reminds students to honour all useful work and to be ready to serve even in humblest capacity. Finally, the paddles are laid across to remind students of Him,who spent His life in the service of others and died on the cross for all mankind.

School management
1. The Tyndale Biscoe and Mallinson Society, Srinagar has the responsibility of administration and management of the following schools in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

i) Srinagar: Tyndale Biscoe School, Sheikh Bagh, Srinagar and The Mallinson School, Sheikh Bagh,Srinagar,
ii) Tangmarg: Tyndale Biscoe and Mallinson School, Shajimarg, Tangmarg;Rural branch, District Baramulla.

iii)Jammu: Alexenader Memorial School; Jammu
iv) Humhama: The Kashmir Valley School, New Airport Road;Humhama Dist; Budgam

Schools in Srinagar
Venn, J.; Venn, J. A., eds. (1922–1958). "Biscoe [post Tyndale-Biscoe], Cecil Earle". Alumni Cantabrigienses (10 vols) (online ed.). Cambridge University Press.

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