Houseboat Lily of Nageen

Houseboat Lily of Nageen

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Lily of Nageen is a family business owning two house boats on Nageen Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir. One house boat is for guests and the other one is for our family, it is our home.

My family has been doing this business for three generations, withstanding all the changes that history brought to Kashmir, and there were many changes…

My name is Ajaz Karnai, I am 27 years old, my father is slowly growing old and I try to bridge the gap between tradition and 21st century technology: Internet, website, email, credit card payments, etc.
We only have one houseboat for guests, a houseboat that can host 5-6 people at one time. Keeping these people happy and coming back and recommending us to their friends: this is the way we live and get the food on our table.

Of course if internet business will bring more clients we can arrange with our larger family, neighbors and friends to look after our guests on their house boats and getting trusted guides for tracking and tours.
But I can guarantee you that even if sleeping on other house-boats or other people being with you on tours, you will be my family guests: My father, my mother, my sister, myself would always look after you, trying hard to make you enjoy Kashmir and helping you out with whatever problems may arise.

Our promise

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Houseboat Lily of Nageen
Hazratbal Road
Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir - 190006
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Hazratbal Road Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir - 190006


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