G.S. Accounts

G.S. Accounts
G.S. AccountsG.S. Accounts

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Academic programs in traditional colleges, while delivering theoretical knowledge, do not provide a strong foundation in practical skills or adequate exposure to real scenarios in the working world.

GS ACCOUNTS was established to fill this void in our schooling system.

Its multi-disciplinary courses have robust practical elements that develop critical skills necessary for workplace success.

BulletDoing well by doing good; There is no contradiction in being commercial and being good for India. Business is a force for change.
BulletPeople Optimistic: We do not view individual capabilities as shoe size or height (which are given) but as muscles (which can be built by working hard).
BulletTeamwork: we are most powerful when everybody works together.
BulletTransparent; sunshine is the best disinfectant and we encourage conflict and openness

G.S. Accounts
Lower Moti Bazar, Parade
jammu, Jammu and Kashmir - 180001
Email : gsaccounts@yahoo.co.in
Phone : 9419130654
WebSite :  www.gsaccounts.net
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Lower Moti Bazar, Parade jammu, Jammu and Kashmir - 180001


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